So, you're blind?

The term “blindness” covers a broad spectrum of visual disability, from when your sight is impaired enough to interfere with daily activities like reading, cooking or driving, up to total blindness. Each person's experience of blindness is unique.

What's your condition?

My full title is Macular Dystrophy: Stargardts Disease.

Stargardt disease is a rare inherited eye condition that affects your macula which is the tiny central part of your retina, the light-sensitive layer at the back of your eye. It causes loss of central detailed vision, which is the vision you use when looking directly at something. It doesn't usually affect your peripheral or side vision.

It's diagnosed at a young age (around 4 years old) However I was diagnosed at 8 years old!
Stargardt disease also causes colour blindness (and it's really annoying)

Is there a cure / treatment / transplant / surgery / etc

Unfortunately not! As of right now there is no cure, no treatment, no surgery etc.
My condition is caused by the death of cells inside and at the back of the eyeball, it's very difficult to get to and laser eye surgery will not help!

So your side vision is fine?

Yeeeeees and no. Sure, my peripheral/side vision is fine, but...
that part of your vision is the blurriest. It's really not great lmao

So how does this affect you?

drawing/gaming/chatting = hard

The camera WILL lose my face and my model will freak out

Please forgive me for being slow with, or even missing chat messages!

Be patient with me if I don't see something "obvious" in a game or art

Please refrain from "WHAT ARE YOU, BLIND??" types of jokes! It's cool and funny from friends, but it's difficult to read the tone from chat and I'm not always in the mood for it.

Here's how my chat looks! I have it full screen on a second monitor (approx 30inch) at font size 50-60